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Bem vindos ao Umbu photography!

O Umbu photography  é formado pelos fotógrafos  Kasia Górka e Fabricio Carrijo. Trazemos uma bagagem de longa experiência fotografando em várias partes do mundo.

Somos contadores de histórias e a fotografia é a linguagem através da qual narramos a singularidade de cada momento que capturamos com nossas câmeras. Atualmente estamos no eixo Brasil-Polônia, mas podemos fazer seu ensaio fotográfico em qualquer lugar do mundo onde desejar. Sinta-se à vontade para entrar em contato conosco para que façamos um ensaio fotográfico, propor um projeto, ou simplesmente para obter mais informações sobre o nosso trabalho. Para mais detalhes, veja o ítem ““Sessions/Ensaios” neste site.

Nossa perspectiva fotográfica  reflete  uma trajetoria de estudo e pesquisa não apenas sobre fotografia, mas também quanto ao ser humano, suas interações e às formas como se vivem em diferentes culturas. A Kasia é PhD em Antropologia pela Universidade de Barcelona e o Fabricio é PhD em Relações Internacionais pela Universidade Autônoma de Barcelona.


Welcome to Umbu photography!

Umbu photography is formed by Kasia Górka and Fabricio Carrijo. We have a background encompassing the experience of having photographed in several parts of the world.

We are story-tellers and photography is the language through which we narrate the uniqueness of passing moments. We are currently between Brazil and Poland ,  but we can make your photo session anywhere in the world. You are more than welcome to contact us to make a photo essay,  present a project or simply to get more information regarding our work. For more details, please see the “Sessions/Ensaios” item on this webpage.

Kasia Górka’s first impulse into photography was probably when she accidently broke her parents’ camera and was forbidden, further on, to even touch it. Mostly self-learner found the photography to be her way of communication. Through her photos she tries to show the way she perceives the world. She highly admires natural beauty and efforts to find it in each of the subjects she photographs, being it landscapes, nature or people. She uses photography as a tool capture static moments as well as those that last seconds, which are gone within the blink of an eye, both the joyful ones and those that are somewhere there, hidden, sometimes uncomfortable and often unseen. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Barcelona. Her photo “Spider’s Web” was among the finalist of the “foto-NAT-UB 2009” contest, organized by the University of Barcelona.

Fabricio Borges Carrijo’s  engagement with photography can be traced back to 2006, when he presented his first exhibition Vozes da Diversidade (Voices of Diversity) in the city he was born, Franca, Brazil. It resulted majorly from the experiences he lived along his participation in the Ship for World Youth programme, sponsored by the Japanese Government. He holds a PhD in International Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has been dedicating a special attention towards the employment of photography in the recognition of peace realities, drawn on his master thesis “Peace and Identity: a photographic approach” (2009): a proposal attempting to capture moments of peace within ordinary day’s apparent triviality. This concept has been present is most of his photographic work. He has participated in a variety of projects on Peace Education and most recently he has focused on the Photography for Peace methodology (see Projects). As a result, he coordinated, in partnership with Insikiran Institute of Higher Indigenous Education, Federal University of Roraima (UFRR), the project “Culture of Peace: a photographic approach” in 2011 and 2012. His photo “Smiles of hope” won the “3rd Global Photo Contest 2007” organized by the International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan.

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